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Restaurant Menus
Menus are part and parcel of every hospitality industry business. Cookstown Print + Design, we provide a complete commercial printing and design solution for the hospitality industry client, from design to print.
Established in 1999, Cookstown Print + Design have grown into one of the leaders in their field in the Mid Ulster area, continuing to evolve as new technology becomes available.
With hundreds of repeat and regular customers, we have developed a reputation for quality, reliability and punctuality. we use our expertise to deliver efficient high quality products with a cost effective solution.
A well-designed menu can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Your marketing materials can say a lot about the sort of business you run. The font used in your design should be consistent with your other marketing materials. It is also important to ensure that your menu is easy to read.
The layout of a menu can help to guide your customer's eyes around the page, making their selection easier and drawing attention to your signature dish. Generally speaking, when presented with a menu we will not read every option from top to bottom, we identify the headings in the initial scan, e.g. 'burgers, salads, pizzas' and then go back with a vague idea of what we would like to order.
How the menu feels in your customer's hands will cause them to subconsciously draw conclusions about the restaurant – the food, the quality, and the overall experience. Therefore, consider your paper choice carefully. Perhaps you are starting a fast-food restaurant where customers will not expect luxury menus. However, if your restaurant is more high-end, a high-quality paper is a must. Much like the visual design, the feel of the paper should fit with your branding.
As long term relationships are built, we build a catalogue of jobs for our hospitality industry clients, which make the design process quicker as we have the relevant fonts, logos, colours, etc.
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